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Deck staining is a very popular service that homeowners take advantage of in the spring, summer and fall months (you know, the months when you spend more time grilling out on the back deck). The problem with decks is that they take a beating over time. The horizontal surfaces of the deck are usually exposed to the sun and rain with minimum protection. Getting walked on by pets and owners alike causes traffic patterns. For these reasons, decks are a constant maintenance concern.

When deck staining is done properly, a deck floor can last 1-3 years. Additional features like railings and other vertical surfaces may last anywhere from 1-8 years. The big difference between the life of the two surfaces is that horizontal surfaces hold more weathering versus vertical surfaces, which don’t take quite a direct hit from sun, rain, snow and foot traffic.

Horizontal surfaces, like decks, usually need to be power washed and brightened using a bleach solution that will clean the wood grains of mildew and grey growth. Once the solution dries, one to two good coats of a proper, high-quality deck stain should be applied. There are two types of deck stain you can choose from, both of which CyTex Painting of Northwest Houston can apply properly:

  • A semi-transparent stain lets you see the wood graining while still having a tone to it.
  • A solid stain, which can be any color, covers the wood grains and coats the deck surfaces much like a house paint would.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using each of these stains. Usually, a semi-transparent stain will last about half as long as a solid stain and will just fade over time, versus a solid stain, which will start peeling once the stain begins to fail. Whichever deck stain you decide to go with, Sharper Impressions will do the hard work for you, bringing your deck back to life right before your eyes.


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