Fence Staining & Painting

Although fences don’t take quite as much direct wear as decks do, they still need maintenance every couple years to keep them looking as new as the day you put them up. CyTex Painting of Northwest Houston has stained and painted countless decks over the years, including the two types of fences that a typical home has:

  • A picket fence: usually installed for ornamental purposes and has spacing in between the fence boards
  • A privacy fence: usually runs around the backyard, is much taller (usually around 6 feet) and has no gaps in between boards

CyTex Painting of NW Houston can paint or stain both types of fences any color you desire. There are several types of stains and paints we use, depending on the look you want to achieve.

  • A semi-transparent stain shows off the wood graining and adds deep penetrating color to the wood fibers.
  • A clear coat shows the real color and characteristics of the wood. Its only purpose is to protect the wood from sun and weather damage.
  • A solid stain can be any color at all and just like paint, you can match it to the home or any other surface. It is much thicker and covers a majority of the wood graining.

Our team at CyTex Painting of NW Houston will refinish your fence the proper way, starting with a thorough power wash of the area. This cleans any mildew, pollutants and chalking that may be on your fence. After letting the fence dry, we apply one to two coats of paint or stain, depending on what your fence needs, to both sides.

A fence can last about 2-8 years, depending on the amount of exposure and type of stain used. With thorough preparation, our knowledgeable painters and a high-quality stain or paint, we can turn a drab fence into a colorful part of your yard.

Looking for fence painting or staining services to give your yard a fresh look? Call CyTex Painting of Northwest Houston today for your free estimate.

Fence Staining in Northwest Houston
Fence Staining & Painting


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